The principals of AAM have over 60 years of experience in the consumer, mortgage and specialized finance sectors.  
  Each of the principals has worked extensively with the largest banks, Wall Street firms and consumer lenders in the US.  
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Michele Moses
Managing Director

Ms. Moses has over 20 years experience originating, servicing and collecting consumer receivables. Prior to founding Associates, Ms. Moses oversaw all operations for one of the largest independent home equity originators in the United States. In prior positions Ms. Moses has spent over 10 years managing the collection and recovery efforts of unsecured debt in the HLTV arena. Ms. Moses’ experience in collecting and servicing is crucial in Associate’s success in developing strategies to maximize the value of each of our client’s receivables.

Phil Dandridge
Managing Director

Mr. Dandridge has spent his entire 23 year career in the financial services sector.  In his first position following graduate school Mr. Dandridge joined the workout division of a major specialty finance company.  In subsequent positions Mr. Dandridge headed the operations of a consumer auto leasing division and has spent the last 9 years as CFO of multiple financial services institutions.  Twenty-one years of Mr. Dandridge’s career were spent in Fortune 100 firms giving him extensive experience working with most major banks and Wall Street firms on both a domestic and international level.

Lorne Lahodny
Managing Director
Mr. Lahodny has 18 years of mortgage banking experience. He was previously the founding CEO of a residential mortgage banking institution specializing in second mortgages which grew to over $2 billion in annual originations. Mr. Lahodny’s extensive experience in sourcing, developing and structuring first and second mortgage loans to consumers is a key component of AAM’s business model.

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